BeMakers is the leading platform for direct beverage distribution in Europe

BeMakers provides the infrastructure that allows makers to circumvent distributors and sell directly to businesses and consumers internationally via multiple channels. The platform is fully integrated with EMCS systems, shipping partners, payment providers, VAT lookup, email and invoicing services.
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Building a new infrastructure for a +€1,000 billion beverage market to help craft makers easily reach consumers and build their brands internationally is exciting

As prior investors in a few innovative spirits brands, we have seen the challenges of going global in an industry that is still functioning on analogue infrastructure and eco-systems. So when Morten and Jake, came with the idea for BeMakers based on their past experiences, we saw a big opportunity to help provide the small makers equal opportunities as the bigger players, which was quickly validated in the market.

With an excellent and experienced team that's focused on executing, BeMakers quickly validated the thesis, and is now becoming the standard infrastructure for makers that wants to distribute directly across Europe. At Future Five we are excited about the opportunity to shake up an old industry, support the craftsmen behind the next big beverage brands, and to work with Morten, Jake and the team.

Future Five is engaged in building beMakers with Kasper Hulthin as Executive Chairperson

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