In 1907 our great grand dad started his entrepreneurial journey and our family business by inventing a plow.

He boldly named the company
‘The Future’.

Generations later, we continue the journey with Future Five. For the fifth and next generation of the future.

Exactly 100 years after the beginnings in 1907, Kasper started his entrepreneurial journey which led to co-founding Podio, Peakon and others, while Morten has built up his global experience in the food industry. We are the fourth generation of The Future. We want to do something for the next generation of the future, both specifically our fifth generation and in general.
Therefore we created Future Five.
We build and invest in global ideas alongside people with an ambition to refresh the approach to climate, food and education. We engage actively in a few companies as co-founders or early investors where we can apply our experience, supported by our network, and then invest passively into global ideas led by teams and people we really believe in. Our privilege is to learn and see ideas and people grow.

Our Focus


The race to Net Zero to ensure a healthy planet for the next generation both entails enormous challenges as well as exciting opportunities to reinvent how we’ve done things in the past generations. New ways of accounting for the world's economic activity is being established and along with it comes transparency, which we
believe will be the most impactful catalyst for change. Powerful enough to shift industries as the need for sustainability to stay relevant becomes a necessity. Important enough for the brightest minds to start reinventing most things we engage with every day. A generational journey Future Five is excited to be a tiny part of.


While we inarguably need to reinvent our food system at scale to feed the next generation, without killing our planet, food & beverage is also culture, it’s social tissue and it’s taste. For years we’ve been involved in the industry, both at a global, industrial scale, as well as in local
initiatives. We love food and the passion that’s often behind creating it. We hope to help the next makers of food, beverages and sustainable food technologies bring that passion forward to the next generation at scale. For their nutrition, health, taste and culture.


With an educational system largely unchanged for centuries there seems to be an opportunity to refresh our approach to learning. We are looking for ways to help kids realise their own potential, not standardising it to fit the system.
Opportunities to engage a larger community in sharing their experiences for the benefit of the next generation. And lastly ways to help kids see and engage with the world. Hopefully making it smaller, because they have done so.

Helping ideas grow

We do occasionally come across ideas and people we believe in outside climate, food and education. Often ideas and problems we understand well and can see our experience and
network applied to. Based on our journey in Software as a Service, we like companies building products that provide real customer value and often helping other ideas grow.